The Legend of the Gates

So, I’ve been working on something pretty exciting with my good buddy, Chase Finch called The Legend of the Gates. I will be revealing more details as we progresss in order to chronicle the journey to the final launch, and I’m excited to be able to share that with you.

I will be posting concept art, sprite animations, and journaling the ups and downs all the way up to the point that we can all enjoy the game in its completion!

So check back right here for more updates on The Legend of the Gates!

Baracron Watercolors

Photo of Watercolor stage of "Baracron"

Okay, so I’ve realized that watercolor behaves very differently from ink, even when watered down. I think that I will stick to ink wash if I’m doing monochromatic stuff in the future, but I don’t think this turned out too bad for what I intend to do with it. At this stage, I have scanned it in and will continue it digitally so that I have the freedom to play around without ruining the piece.

After I’m done with it, I may return to it to have a finished version done in natural media. However, the original and current intent is for the final version to be a digital piece.

Don’t mind the mess

If you’re happening upon this site right now and see it in a state of chaos, please forgive me. I am currently setting up a new site complete with a dynamic portfolio and blog. New art and updates to come!